Laptop Tables Buying Guide In India 2021

Laptop Tables Buying Guide In India

You are most welcome at the laptop tables buying guide. Laptop tables have become the most required laptop accessory these days. Working from home is the number one cause why people are buying a laptop stand. Do you have one? It’s great if you have one. If not, we have brought an exclusive and the best laptop tables buying guide in India, that too just for you.

The laptop tables buying guide answers all the questions when it comes to a laptop stand. After reading this article, you will get a clear view of the following points:

  1. What is a laptop table?
  2. Need of a laptop table
  3. Leading Laptop Table Brands in India
  4. Various types of Laptop Tables
  5. Things to consider while buying a laptop table

Apart from this, we have included some FAQs that may arise in your mind while buying a laptop table.

Laptop table – A godsend laptop accessory to work outside the office.

What is a laptop table?

A laptop table is a stand that holds your laptop at a particular height and angle. Laptop stands made of various materials are available in the market. They differ in various aspects like price, functionality, and much more.

Why do you need a laptop table?

A laptop table is a helpful tool while working from home. But the compact design of a laptop does not offer much comfort. Consider, you have kept a laptop on a table and sitting on a sofa. You have to bend while typing. You can manage in such a posture for some time, but later it may be hectic. Apart from this, working in an uncomfortable position results in many health-related problems like neck/shoulder pain or pain in the upper or lower back.

On the other hand, laptop stands help you to overcome issues while working on a laptop. You can use an adjustable laptop table to figure out the ergonomic faults of laptops.

All in all, a laptop stand is an essential tool when you are looking to set up a work-from-home desk. The following are some of the other benefits of having a laptop stand:

  • Boost productivity: Body position matters a lot while working; bad sitting posture may make you feel tired and frustrated. If you have an external keyboard and a laptop stand would contribute to increasing your work productivity.
  • Independence of Work: Laptop tables are lightweight, thus portable. You can easily carry it from one room to another or from one place to another place. Even more, a portable laptop stand can help you in setting up your workstation anywhere, anytime.
  • Comfortable working hours: Working without a laptop stand may be hectic, maybe because of the working posture. Without a laptop stand, you need to strain your eyes and sit in an uncomfortable position. As a result, you may get exhausted soon.
  • Maintains Airflow: Laptops may heat up while working, which can affect the performance of the machine. Raising the laptop at a certain height can help you with the heating issue and reduce damage risk.
  • A Proper Workspace: You have a laptop table; you have a proper workspace. It becomes easy to keep things all together. A laptop table has enough space for boarding a laptop, an external keyboard, a mouse, and a mobile. Once set, you don’t need to move things here and there while working.

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Laptop Table Brands in India:

3.1. Portronics: Portronics offers a wide range of laptop stands. These tables vary in features like portable, foldable, cooling, adjustable, and much more. Portronics also provides other products like car accessories, power banks, portable Bluetooth speakers, cables, and hubs. Still, Portronics laptop tables are the best when looking for a pocket-friendly and trendy laptop stand.

3.2. Nilkamal: Nilkamal is famous for its furniture worldwide, and it is a leading furniture brand in India. Nilkamal provides work from home tables which is a unique collection of tables designed for laptops. Lap desks from Nilkamal are durable and sturdy. Nilkamal laptop stands are adjustable and space-saving. All in all, laptop tables from Nilkamal are the best and are of good quality.

3.3. Callas: Callas is an Indian brand and is providing office and home organization furniture for a decade. The company aims to make daily chores easy and time-saving. Apart from this, Callas is a top-selling laptop table brand on e-commerce platforms, including Amazon. The company offers a wide range of laptop stands with adjustable, foldable, ergonomic, and portable features. Some tables also come with a cup holder, drawer, and tablet holder.

3.4. Amazon Brand Solimo : As the name suggests, Solimo is a brand of Amazon. The brand offers a wide range of products starting from everyday products to food products, home organizers, and furniture. Talking about Solimo laptop tables, these are of good quality. Here, you will get many options for buying. They offer you from the very basic laptop stand to premium ones. Features of Solimo laptop tables include portable, with cooling fan, cup holder, drawer, round edges, and much more.

3.5. Gizga Essentials: Gizga Essentials is one of the leading brands for computer accessories and gadgets. Especially, laptop stands from Gizga are fantastic. You can always trust this brand when it comes to sturdiness, angle adjustment, space-saving, also ergonomic. The price range of laptop stands from Gizga essentials is pocket-friendly.

3.6. Cello: Cello, a famous brand on the e-commerce platform, provides household products like water bottles, lunch boxes, dinner sets. Apart from this, Cello is popular for its collection of tables which includes dining tables, trolley tables, study tables for juniors, and laptop stands. Stands with many attractive colors are available here. The Cello laptop tables are also portable and easy to store.

3.7. Bi3: At Bi3, you will get a table for any situation. The laptop stands from Bi3 are easy to store, durable, and adjustable. Many of the Bi3 laptop stands allow you to adjust the height as well as the angle. You can also use the table as a breakfast table because of its convenient design.

3.8. Generic: Generic is also a leading brand of laptop tables. Here, you get a premium quality laptop stands at an affordable price. Some notable features of Generic tables include no-slip legs, table for bed, dock stand, and portable.

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Various types of Laptop Tables

There are many types of laptop tables. You can categorize them depending on the features, functionality, and material. Also, the kind of laptop stand depends on where you are going to use it. The following are some of the types of laptop tables:

4.1. Laptop stands for desks: These types of laptop stands are specially designed to set up your workstation on desks. You can use this type of stand at both home and office.

4.2. Laptop table for bed: Having a laptop table for a bed would be the most luxurious thing you have. You can cuddle while working. Also, you can work in the position you are comfortable with. Laptop tables for a bed are suitable for working on a sofa too. These laptop stands offer more comfort and are ergonomic.

4.3. Adjustable laptop table: It is a table where you can adjust its height as well as angle. The adjustable feature makes it usable anywhere at home. You can even set up your workstation on a sofa or a bed. Also, you can adjust the angle of the screen whether you are sitting or slightly lying down while working.

4.4. Portable laptop stands: As the name suggests, you can easily carry this type of laptop table from one place to another. The lightweight feature is a plus when you have a portable laptop stand.

4.5. Foldable laptop stand: A foldable laptop table allows you to fold some parts, making it easy to store. Mostly, foldable laptop stands have foldable legs.

4.6. Single-height laptop stand: A single-height laptop stand is just a metal frame. It allows you to raise the device to a few inches from the table. A single-height laptop stand is beneficial when it comes to maintaining airflow towards the machine. It also prevents excessive heating of the device.

4.7. Vertical laptop stand: A vertical laptop stand is just a stand that holds your laptop. It is a space-saving accessory and also elevates your device.

Things to consider while buying a laptop table:

5.1. Materials: Material plays a vital role in the case of laptop stands. Being heavy or lightweight depends on the material used while making a laptop table. The latest laptop tables come with a wooden top, which offers an elegant look. Usage of wood makes it a lightweight and portable laptop stand. Other materials like fiber and plastic are also reliable. Aluminum legs offer additional weightlessness to the table.

5.2. Brand: Brand plays the main role while selecting a laptop stand. A brand is not all about the name and fame. It also tells you about the quality of the product. In this laptop tables buying guide, we have mentioned precise information about some leading laptop table brands.

5.3. Price: While buying a laptop stand, price is what matters a lot. You have to carefully select the product which best matches your needs and pocket too. So, before buying the table, it is good to decide the price range.

5.4. Size: This factor concerns the size of your laptop and the laptop table you are looking to buy. All laptops are not of the same size. Thus, we recommend you check out the size of a laptop to avoid further loss of money. Some tables are big enough to host a laptop along with external devices.

5.5. Weight: Laptop stands light in weight make it easy to carry and store. Consider buying a laptop table that would be easy for you to carry and assemble.

5.6. In-Built Fans: In-built fans play a crucial role in lessening the heating issues of a laptop. Also, it will help you in increasing the longevity of your device. Though laptops with in-built fans may be expensive, it’s a long-term investment.

5.7. Edges: You can check for the edges of a laptop table while buying. Sharp edges may harm you. Round edges, on the other hand, protect you from damage. If a rounded edges laptop table is unavailable, you can ask for the edge caps as a precaution.

5.8. Cupholder: A coffee break is a must to cope up with hours-long working. Sometimes, your beverage mug may spill out, which may damage the laptop and other accessories. Having a laptop stand with a cup holder can help you deal with such spill-outs.

5.9. Foldable: Foldable feature of a laptop table makes it convenient to store anywhere in the house, under the bed, or in a compartment. You can also carry a foldable laptop table while traveling. Thus, it is an essential factor to consider while buying.

5.10. Extendable: Some laptop tables come with a facility of elevation. You can increase the height of the stand up to 6 settings. It is a notable feature that allows you to use a laptop in any sitting position.  The expandable part of a laptop table also makes it an ergonomic one.

5.11. Adjustable: Let you be sitting or reclining; you should be able to see the screen correctly. You can adjust the angle of the screen as per your viewing position. A laptop stand with an adjustable top offers you this functionality.

5.12. Customer ratings and reviews: Checking the reviews and ratings of customers would assist you in selecting the best laptop tables. You can also check some articles here, where we have included the best laptop tables. The products recommended by us rely on a comprehensive study, research, user reviews, and ratings. So, you can trust us when it comes to the quality of a laptop stand.

Conclusion: Congratulations! You have completed reading the best laptop table buying guide in India. We hope you have noted all the detailed information from our exclusive creation – Laptop Tables Buying Guide. In this guide, we have tried to cover all the crucial aspects of purchasing a laptop table.

In the end, buying a laptop stand is not just a purchase, it is a long-term investment. If you are looking for an affordable and best-quality laptop stand, we are here to help you. You can visit to learn about laptop tables and stands.


What are the benefits of laptop tables?

The following are the benefits of having laptop tables:
1.Improved posture
2.Stress-free work hours
3.Increase productivity

Where to buy laptop tables in India?

Buying directly from a store is a good option. Here, you can see the product before purchase and bargain for it. Online purchase, on the other hand, is a good one. You do not have to go out to buy and carry those products throughout your shopping. They deliver products to your doorstep once you place the order. Thus, buying online is easy, effortless, and time-saving.

What is the price of laptop tables in India?

The price of laptop tables in India ranges between INR 500 to 3000. It depends on what brand, quality, and type of laptop stand you prefer while buying.

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